Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Steve Jobs defends iPad vs new Android tablets

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, made some interesting points at this quarter's earnings calls. Apple achieved their first $20 billion quarter and is looking at their competition with scrutinous eyes.

In comparison, Apple activates an average of 275,000 devices per day while Android lags behind still with an average of 200,000 per day. Apple boasts a app store container 300,000+ apps, over three times that of which Android has in it's app marketplace. Jobs also explained how the company feels about the differences Android and Apple have in approach to their mobile devices saying "[w]e think Android is very, very fragmented, and becoming more fragmented by the day". The fragmenting that Jobs is referring to is the fact that Android's open approach has created over 100 variations of the Operating System making app development more difficult and prone to incompatibility issues and lack of support on the lesser used Android models. Being a Droid user myself, I've felt the burn of being on what seems like an already outdated HTC Eris platform, but this feeling for the most part comes from HTC's reluctance took make updates for their first Android child while they focus on the Droid Incredible.

This year's innovative release of the iPad attracted over 3million consumers in less than 3 months looking to own one for business, art, or even just for gaming. Mobile device manufactures frantically struggle to release competing tablet devices but, according to Steve Jobs, will fail. "[A]lmost all of them use 7-inch screens, as compared to iPad's near 10-inch screens.", Jobs claims, "The screen measurements are diagonal, so that a 7-inch screen is only 45 percent as large as iPad's 10-inch screen". On top of this, Android urges manufactures to hold off from jumping in on the market until next year's release of a Android platform designed specifically for tablet devices.

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