Thursday, October 28, 2010

For the nerds

AVG 2011 command line perimeters

AVG 2011 Anti-Virus command line scanner
Copyright (c) 1992 - 2010 AVG Technologies
/SCAN           Scan /for example SCAN=path;path/
/COMP           Whole computer scan
/HEUR           Use heuristic analysis
/EXCLUDE        Exclude path or files from scan
/@              Command file /file name/
/EXT            Scan these extensions /for example EXT=EXE,DLL/
/NOEXT          Do not scan these extensions /for example NOEXT=JPG/
/ARC            Scan archives
/CLEAN          Clean automatically
/TRASH          Move infected files to the Virus Vault
/QT             Quick test
/LOG            Generate a scan result file
/MACROW         Report macros
/PWDW           Report password-protected files
/ARCBOMBSW      Report archive bombs (repeatedly compressed archives)
/IGNLOCKED      Ignore locked files
/REPORT         Report to file /file name/
/REPAPPEND      Append to the report file
/REPOK          Report uninfected files as OK
/NOBREAK        Do not allow CTRL-BREAK to abort
/BOOT           Enable MBR/BOOT check
/PROC           Scan active processes
/PUP            Report "Potentially unwanted programs"
/PUPEXT         Report enhanced set of Potentially Unwanted Programs
/REG            Scan registry
/COO            Scan for Tracking Cookies
/?              Display help on this topic
/HELP           Display help on this topic
/PRIORITY       Set scan priority /Low, Middle, High, User Sensitive/
/SHUTDOWN       Shutdown computer upon scan completion
/FORCESHUTDOWN  Force computer shutdown upon scan completion
/ADS            Scan Alternate Data Streams (NTFS only)
/HIDDEN         Report files with hidden extension
/INFECTABLEONLY Scan files with infectable extensions only
/THOROUGHSCAN   Enable thorough scanning

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