Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get Onto Social Networking

Almost every person in America has access to the internet, most of them use it regularly. The most visited websites are search engines and social networking sites. Internet users are sharing information and media around the world, sharing with their friends and distant acquaintances what they like and don't like. Your best strategy to get your website out there on the web and seen is to promote to thousands and even millions!

Facebook & Twitter
Make a Facebook and Twitter profile for your business, organization, or individual self. Start by adding your friends and asking them to suggest you to their friends for Facebook. This will get hopefully a basis of at least 50 people on your friends list. By posting helpful information about your market or interests on Facebook and Twitter, users will "share" and retweet your information. Always remember to plug your website wherever possible so that they know where the information is coming from. Back your information as articles or blog posts on your website so that the reader can get more information on the topic meanwhile discovering your website.

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