Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The New Style of Viruses

This is a quick lesson in some of the new threats going around.
I use the word "virus" loosely, much of it is actually general "malware" which includes spyware. Most of the new threats going around present themselves as being a anti-spyware program that has found some absurd amount of threats on your computer and they want you to purchase there software's full version in order to remove the threats. These programs are also called "Blackmail-Ware".
Here is a guide to what you should do if you get one:

  1. Identify that you have one of these new viruses. If anything but your installed anti-virus software pops up saying you have viruses. This includes "Windows Security Alert" telling you that you have infections.

  2. Unplug internet activity from your computer. This will prevent the virus from talking to it's buddies or pulling up porn sites.

  3. Turn off your computer. This will prevent the virus from spreading... they commonly do get worse as they sit around.

  4. Contact your nerd. You all have one, if not, than you don't realize who's not you are reading now!

  5. If you are your nerd, here's some tips

    • These new malware programs are good at keeping you from running programs to kill them, you'll need to run rKill (find through google) but only in early stages of the infection and it needs to be ran as soon as windows will let you run it (while startup programs are still initializing).

    • MalwareBytes is the toughest anti-walware you have in your free arsenal. The new viruses and spyware will try stopping you from running it though, that's where rKill comes in.

    • SuperAntiSpyware is also handy for some versions out there.

    • Tip: you won't be able to download these from the infected computer, so get them onto a flash drive.

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